Family Dentistry
in Surprise, AZ

Family Dentistry in
Surprise, AZ

Family Dentistry Surprise
Family Services
You have found your oral care home! At Surprise Dental & Denture, we are structured to provide premium oral care services to all members of the family. From Your first checkup, you’ll feel the professionalism, efficiency and high-quality care our doctors and hygienists provide to you and your family members.
Children’s Dentistry
The initial experiences a child has at a dental office is critical as it will structure their lifetime insight on dentistry and oral care. Dr. Jason Melashenko and Dr. Stephanie Mashni are aware of that and have built a comfortable environment where children can not only improve and maintain their oral health but also learn at home techniques that will keep their teeth healthy for years to come!
Children Dentistry Surprise
Achieve Your Desired Perfect Smile!
We offer a wide range of procedures to help you get the perfect smile.
Teen Dentistry Surprise
Teen’s Dentistry
Teen years come with a lot of changes, specifically with your teeth as they shift around. Maintaining a consistent twice a year visit to the dentist will allow you to be aware of these changes and take action if necessary to ensure healthy and straight teeth for years to come.
Adult’s Dentistry
Our goal is a lifetime of perfect teeth! As we age, we have to strengthen and readjust our oral care routine. Here at Surprise Dental & Denture, we’ll evaluate your teeth at every visit and plan an at home care routine that fits your unique smile!
Adult Dentistry Surprise
Sealants in Surprise
The chewing surface of molars is riddled with deep crevices. Despite the fact that a toothbrush may easily glide across these surfaces, the narrow grooves trap bacteria beyond the reach of the bristles. Cavities can occur without warning and end up damaging the tooth’s nerve, destroying valuable tooth structure. It could be worth looking into using a bonded sealant to protect these grooves.
Ortho Screenings
Many high school yearbooks are full of metal grins! Braces, however, have numerous advantages at various periods of life. Early detection of abnormalities in the position of the teeth allows for early treatment, which often leads to faster results. At your child’s regular preventative checkups, we will monitor his or her growth and development as part of our dedication to your family’s dental health!
Ortho Screenings Surprise
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